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If you have been looking for a serious partner from your local area and are not totally satisfied, then you can think about having a serious relationship with a woman abroad.

This step can have some cons like difference of language, culture and a long distance between you and a woman you want to meet but also the big pros.

Here I explain some pros with the example of Russian women. In opposite to most of American, Australian or UK women they are a little bit old-fashioned. They think in terms of family and faithfulness in relationship. Their home and parents are very important for them.

You as a man should be very interested in their faithfulness because broken relationships have become a trend in western culture that is destroying the families and has a traumatic influence to kids.

Russian women have just like 2 sides: They are very gentle, sensual and romantic. They can love their husband a lot and show it not with only words but with action. Russina women are very inventive in sex - you never ever have to worry about what to do next:)

On the other hand, they have a strong character: Among russian women you can find even a lot of business woman who work hard, are very enterprising and generate profitable business ideas. It often happens that they are feeding their family alone.

If you are a single man looking for serious relationship and reading this text you think "what if..." then you should really give it a try. If you are anything like James Bond, why not try out a Russian bride?

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